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Accelerate Your Success



Clients of Acceleration utilize such services to solve common business problems, enhance their productivity, or simply avoid disputes. Acceleration operates on the 3M’s of success: More Time, More Talk, and More Money. These services include business planning, business coaching, and business evaluation among many others


Our tutors are uniquely experienced to guide elementary, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, and law school students on a wide variety of subjects. Why? Because we have done it before! Accelerate your academic success in a wide variety of subjects. 


Acceleration’s professional resume reviewers have reviewed thousands of resumes since 2003. If you are considering a change in the industry, a higher salary, or an important professional move, you need a resume that gets you in front of a hiring manager. Acceleration’s resume services focus on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


Acceleration is a full-service consulting firm that guides individuals and small business owners through the expected and unexpected challenges of running a business and personal conflict. In this respect, Acceleration’s services are designed to align any individual or small business on the path to success. Within Acceleration, there are separate divisions:


1)         Business Planning & Coaching

2)         Academic Tutoring

3)         Resume Review & Writing

4)         Self-help Legal Guidance

With locations in South Florida (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale), North Georgia (Metro Atlanta), and West Texas (Lubbock), we are within a 2-hour flight of 95% of our clients. If we cannot meet them in-person, Acceleration consultants are always available by video conference.




"My daughter's tutoring sessions with James have been unbelievably helpful in helping her work through a college certification program. She loves working with him and she is getting great results. I give him and Acceleration Tutors an A+."

Tutoring Client

Ashley M. - May 2020

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