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Our tutors are uniquely experienced to guide elementary, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, and law school students on a wide variety of subjects. Why? Because we have done it before!

Online Classes


Our tutoring services encompass the following subject areas at all levels:


1) Reading Comprehension

2) GED

3) Social Studies (AP, Baccalaureate, and Honors) (High School & College)

            -           US Government

            -           Comparative Government

            -           Political Science

            -           Human Geography

            -           US History


4) Writing:

            -           Writing Composition

            -           Academic Writing

            -           Business Writing

            -           Legal Writing

            -           Expository Writing

            -           Creative Writing

            -           Copywriting


5) Study Skills & Organization

6) Business Enterprise and Management (High School and College)

           -            Management

           -            Marketing

           -            Entrepreneurship

           -            Business Law

           -            Legal Environment of Business

7) Law School Courses:

            -           Business Law

            -           Business Associations

            -           Civil Procedure

            -           Constitutional Law

            -           Contracts

            -           Employment Law

            -           Evidence

            -           Property Law

            -           Real Estate Transactions

            -           Secured Transactions

            -           Tax Law




Acceleration Tutors offers tutoring in other subject matters including:

1) Day Stock Trading

2) FOREX Trading

3) Driver’s License Exam – Written Test

4) Real Estate License

5) Personal Finance for Kids, Teens, & Young Adults





Our tutors are graduates of the finest colleges in America and achieved academic distinction during their college and graduate school tenures. When a tutor has been selected, you will receive a bio of the tutor outlining the tutor’s credentials. Our tutors include a lawyer, college professor, teacher, and other professionals.




When starting any tutoring session, our goals for each student at the outset are always to: 1) enlighten through current events, 2) offer application of course concepts, 3) motivate for sustained learning beyond the classroom, and 4) ensure full comprehension of the concepts. Although academic subjects typically present theoretical concepts, these concepts can be easily learned because many others have learned them too. The concepts also have real-world application. Acceleration Tutors will I utilize current real-world events to clarify course concepts and give students a reference point for those concepts. For us, it is also important that our clients not only learn the course concepts for the sake of passing tests and submitting good papers. But, it is equally important that they are motivated beyond these sessions to continue learning and possess a knowledge base that they could use well into the future.




Our tutors are very competent with a variety of asynchronous platforms including Zoom, Skype, Canvas, Blackboard, and Google Play among others. Acceleration Tutors utilize these platforms to virtually consult with clients and interact with my students and tutoring clients.



Our tutoring clients are derived from a variety of academic institutions including New York University, University of Michigan, University of Detroit-Mercy Law School, University of Arkansas, University of Missouri-Kansas Law School, University of California-Davis, Stanford University Law School, University of Florida, Nova Southeastern University Law School, Central Michigan University Law School, Texas Tech University, University of Texas, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Florida International University, University of Miami, University of Tulsa, University of Iowa School of Law and many other academic institutions from high school, undergraduate, graduate, and professional school.


By listing these institutions, Acceleration does not claim any affiliation, endorsement, recommendation, sponsorship, or any other connection to these institutions other than offering tutoring services to registered and/or enrolled students of these institutions. Nothing herein shall be construed as an affiliation, sponsorship, and/or endorsement by any institution listed.



Our tutors are certified to tutor in the academic area chosen by you. Each tutor has undergone an extensive background check including academic credentials confirmation, professional licensure check, and a criminal background check. Our tutors are members of various professional and academic associations.



Each tutor has access to a plethora of academic resources including test-prep for a variety of practice tests and materials for the ACT, SAT, GRE, Advanced Placement subjects, GED, and other subjects.

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