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The only one of its kind, Acceleration Consulting Services Corporation (Acceleration) provides consulting services to small business owners throughout the contiguous United States.  Clients of Acceleration utilize such services to solve common business problems, enhance their productivity, or simply avoid disputes. Acceleration operates on the 3M’s of success: More Time, More Talk, and More Money.


Acceleration is a full-service consulting firm that guides individuals and small business owners through the expected and unexpected challenges of running a business and personal conflict. In this respect, Acceleration’s services are designed to place any individual or small business on the path to success. Within Acceleration, there are separate divisions:


1)         Business Planning & Coaching

2)         Academic Tutoring

3)         Resume Review & Writing

4)         Self-help Legal Guidance


After reviewing the division of your choice or choices, you are more than welcome to contact us for further information.


Acceleration proudly introducing its key team members.



Senior Lead Consultant & COO

James has seen and done it all. Associate attorney with a downtown Atlanta construction law firm for five years. Associate general counsel for two Fortune 500 companies for two years. Sixteen years running his own law firm dedicated to small business challenges. Faculty member for the largest private university in America for 16 years. Now, over four years and counting as the Chief Operations Officer of Acceleration. James has a broad range of experience in various environments which grants him gravitas to advise any individual or small business on a variety of issues.


Senior Project Manager

When you need a specialized project completed, Monica should be your first call. Detailed, savvy, skilled, and insightful are repeated words used by Monica's clients to describe her. Monica headed a private nonprofit organization in California as its executive director for 20 years. Her talents brought her to the East Coast. We are glad that she's here and so are our clients.


VP Marketing

It is said that nothing gets done at Acceleration without Carmelita. This is a truism that we will defend until the Earth merges with another galaxy. Armed with an MBA and owner of a fashion business for over 20 years, Carmelita is a master marketer. Without Carmelita's creativity, acumen, and ability to forecast, clients would never hear of Acceleration. Marketing is her specialty and she's one of the best.


VP Accounts

Modest by nature, Stanley exemplifies the best of Acceleration. Stanley resolves any client issues concerning account management. Stanley is the unseen engine that drives Acceleration's growth.

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