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Acceleration offers a variety of business planning and coaching services. Need a business plan? Acceleration’s expert can assist with that. Need to create a new business? Acceleration can quickly form any business type within the US. Acceleration is equipped to address most challenges faced by a small business.

Business Presentation


Business plans are a necessity in the eCommerce environment of small business. Most small businesses should have a business plan, but most lack one. Why? Some think that only expensive lawyers can create one and  thus, these businesses avoid what they think is a high cost. Others simply never find the time to develop a business plan. These businesses are run on autopilot without any direction. A business plan is a roadmap to continuous success. Would you head to an unknown location without a travel app on your phone or a roadmap? Of course not. Acceleration offers cost effective business plans starting at $250. Rates vary according to size of the business, time in existence, research, and other factors. Need a business plan? Let Acceleration create one for you. Acceleration has created business plans for barbers, landscapers, construction companies, employment agencies, technology companies, and other companies across different industries.


Acceleration’s business formation services include the organization and formation of all types of legal entities including corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships, and such other entities as recognized under state law.  Business formation also includes limited advice concerning tax issues that may affect a company, the creation of holding companies to protect assets, and avoidance of disputes and conflicts among shareholders and partners through the preparation of buy/sell or shareholder’s agreements.  Related business formation services would include the continuous preparation of corporate minutes and other relevant corporate legal documents that maintain the existence of a business in accordance with state law requirements. Acceleration can draft a viable business plan for you.





The lifeblood of any business is consistent clients and customers coming through the door. Without a steady flow of clients or customers, businesses often fail. While word of mouth referrals has their utility in the start-up phase, a business requires more sources for clients and customers during the first five years of business. Acceleration can generate leads for your business from a variety of sources. Talk with a consultant about consistent client and customer flows.




After a business is formed, there are other continual services including those related to contracting. Every business enters into a contract of some type at every phase of its existence. Contract reviews, contract preparation, and contract evaluation are needed to ensure that a business is properly leveraged against a third party. Acceleration’s contract services include the drafting, review, and negotiation of a wide variety of contracts including construction contracts, licensing agreements, joint-venture arrangements, non-competition agreements, employment agreements, and many others.  These contract services are designed to protect the interests of a small business, achieve defined goals of the small business, and position a small business for successful outcomes.





Public contracting focuses on issues concerning contracts with governmental entities at the local, state, or federal levels. This is a unique area because there are many small businesses that contract with local, state, and federal government entities. Acceleration’s public contracting services would include claims preparation under various laws like the Federal Miller Act, Federal Claims Dispute Act, state Miller Act equivalents, bid and procurement disputes, and many other statutory claims.  Acceleration’s public contracting services also encompasses drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts and related documents involving government projects.




Acceleration assists small business owners with protecting the unique qualities of their business. There are some businesses that require protection of their intellectual property such as writings, business identifiers, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, and the like. Acceleration offers services for copyright registration, trademark registration, service mark registration, alias protection, trade secret protection, and other related services.



Why Is Business Valuation Unique?


In the early 1990s, balanced scorecards, business intelligence, web analytics and profit center management missed vital components for maximizing business value and leveraging potential equity. Older systems, like balanced scorecard and business intelligence/ performance, evolved from early use as a simple performance measurement framework but without the umbrella of business value - they missed untapped value resources.


Business value planning is a strategic planning and management system used extensively in business and non-profit organizations to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, maximizing business value for more business equity.


Purely financial measures tell only the story of past events, without an adequate story for growth in vital value pillars and drivers of the business. After a business value plan is formed, strategic earnings move planning begins using two prongs as documented in the Harvard Business Review, “Two Routes to Resilience.” 1) future potential and 2) organizational values leading to probable earnings moves resulting in increasing personal equity for the Owner.


Acceleration offers these services to enhance the growth of any business and offer the business owner more options – to sell the business for a larger profit, succession planning, or restructure the business for market realities. Acceleration provides experienced consultants adept at these issues. Contact an Acceleration consultant for an extensive, complimentary review of your business’ valuation.

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