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Judicial system


Legal services are expensive. But there are methods to reduce legal expenses without paying extensive retainers and bills to lawyers. Acceleration offers independent paralegal services to small businesses and individuals including litigation monitoring, litigation budgeting, preparation of simple documents, organization of documents, and other similar services. Speak with an Acceleration representative about limiting these costs.


Acceleration Consulting is not a law firm. Acceleration Consulting does not provide legal advice on any particularized state laws and/or court procedures. Every situation is unique. In the event you require the services of a credentialed attorney, you should immediately contact a law firm of your choice.

As any consultant is permitted, Acceleration does provide guidance and/or counsel on a broad spectrum of FEDERAL laws and regulations such as Title VII, OSHA, ADA, HIPAA, and others.


Claims of discrimination are a consistent conveyor belt of legal action. Most law firms that practice in this area typically side with representing the company or organization. Individual legal consumers find it very difficult to get their discrimination case heard by an actual lawyer. Many claims of discrimination are abandoned because the individual could not find a lawyer. Acceleration has experts and resources to get your discrimination case evaluated and initiated. Most discrimination cases at the EEOC and government level can be started without a lawyer. Don’t stop your discrimination case before it can ever get started because you cannot find a lawyer. Acceleration can assist you with starting the first part of the process.



Companies thrive on a consumer disappearing from a legitimate legal claim such as a debt owed from a company for work performed or some type of wrong committed against the consumer by the company. Many companies will send their teams of lawyers to intimidate a consumer from pursuing the most serious and legitimate claims. This effort usually works because the individual is frustrated from finding his/her team of attorneys to fight back. Let Acceleration respond for you with its army of resources and experts who won’t be swayed by a fancy response letter from the company’s attorneys. Acceleration can help you fight your best fight too.



You have ideas and questions. Are these ideas worthwhile? Where can you get your questions answered? Who do you turn to for answers to these questions and more? Your first stop should be with an Acceleration consultant. Our consultants have seen a myriad of scenarios, possibilities, and dreams. Yours are unique, but Acceleration can offer distinctive responses to your ideas and queries. Call us.



Each day, individuals enter into a wide variety of contracts. Most of these contracts are implied or unwritten such as when you buy a burger and you exchange money for that burger. Of course, you expect to receive your burger as you ordered it and that the same burger will not give you food poisoning. That’s the unwritten contract between you and the burger joint. Individuals also enter into formal written agreements such as contracts to buy a house, get a mortgage, buy a car, establish an alarm system, and even get a job (called an employment agreement). Amazingly, most people will sign these agreements without ever reading them only to find out later that there is some provision in the agreement that could harm them. Let Acceleration review, draft, and negotiate these agreements for you. Your best interests are at stake.

Let's Work Together

From its inception, Acceleration has recognized that the individual person must be whole to thrive in a competitive capital environment. Quite often, Acceleration’s business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs find themselves in conundrums where a strategy session will set the individual on the right path. Acceleration offers individual strategic counseling in a variety of areas including those listed below.

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