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Resume Reviews

Acceleration offers resume writing, resume review, resume consulting, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) evaluations. Acceleration can optimize your resume giving you the best chance for an interview with a hiring manager. Request a consultation now.

Curriculum Vitae

Acceleration’s professional resume reviewers have reviewed thousands of resumes since 2003. If you are considering a change in the industry, a higher salary, or an important professional move, you need a resume that gets you in front of a hiring manager. Acceleration’s resume services focus on the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).



A keyword is a hard or soft skill that is stated in the job description. Most employers use a software called an applicant tracking system (ATS) to gather and review resumes for jobs. The ATS collects your resume data and makes it searchable for keywords. Most employers use ATS to see how closely your resume matches their requirements. Keywords are used as filters (often automated) to find candidates who may be the best fit for the job and prioritize them. If you do not have these keywords in your resume, the employer might miss your resume so it is vital to include keywords to give your resume a strong chance of being reviewed.



The era of neat borders, colorful paper, and fancy office paper ended over a decade ago when hard copy submissions of resumes went the way of the dodo bird. Resumes are submitted electronically, so content is paramount. Make sure your resume is properly structured with the right content, page lengths, and subject matter. There are times when education should be emphasized in a resume and there are other times when your experience should be at the forefront. Acceleration can guide you in optimizing your resume and landing that job.


At Acceleration, we firmly believe in forgiveness and the opportunity to reform one's character. Some citizens will make terrible choices and irrational mistakes. It happens. The need for jails and prisons will never cease to exist so long as there are fallible people. If a person has paid society's penance for their crime(s), such person should be afforded the opportunity to earn a living upon release. Criminal justice studies repeatedly show that recidivism rates are far lower for ex-felons with steady employment after their sentence than those who struggle to find consistent employment. As a part of improving our society, we offer a 50% discount on all services herein for those formerly incarcerated and verifiable as a former inmate within the past five (5) years. Acceleration is a change specialist for people wanting to make a change in their lives.



For any resume services requested by our clients, Acceleration provides resources for further enhancement. You may want to complete your resume on your own. Or, you may want to have an expert completely prepare it for you. It’s your choice. As consultants, we provide the resources for achieving your desired outcome. Our services include:


1.         Resume review

2.         Resume writing

3.         ATS matching

4.         Resume guidance

5.         Career Coaching & Resource consulting

6.         Curriculum vitae preparation

7.         Cover letters

8.         Video conference critiques

9.         Linked-In profile optimizations

10.       Interview preparation and dress rehearsal

Acceleration has professionals who write and review resumes on a daily basis. Further, our pros have guided clients since 1991. Your resume is an investment in your future earnings. Our goal is to get you the interview so that you can sell yourself and maximize your earning potential. A professional resume enhances the achievement of your goals.


James is our resident expert for resume writing and career coaching. James has completed training in resume writing through the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI). James also critiques, writes, and drafts resumes for clients of Indeed, Varsity Tutors, and Acceleration.

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